Astone Helmets
About Astone Asia


ASTONE – a French helmet brand, the slogan “FRENCH STYLE FOR YOUR HEAD” which represents exactly our expectation of introducing the pure French bloodline designs into the world.

Besides satisfying your basic demands in safe riding and comfortable wearing, it could even fulfill your requests on fashion and popularity with its own elegant and low profile style.

Astone helmets was the first brand developed by RiderValley group located in Aix-En-Provence in 2008, we design and manufacture motorcycle helmets. It covers all segments of the market to meet the various needs of consumers, from Full-face, Open-face, Jet to Cross.

All Astone helmets are manufactured in compliance with current major regulations and combined safety, comfort and aesthetics, while positioning itself as the best value for end-users dispenses. For more than a decade, Astone has successfully built up its business in Europe & Asia and now reached into American and worldwide markets.

Inheriting the successful business model and the good reputation, the Asian headquarter was born in Taiwan to be endowed the mission of expanding its new territories outside of European market. Our goal is to polish the brand world widely and also to make our brand became the synonymous of “Supreme” in the two-wheel helmet industry.

With the strong capability of the team Astone Asia, we completed sophistically the vertical integration from design-in, development, verification to manufacturing in order to fulfill customers’ requirements; our mission is to continuously uphold the consistent belief to innovate and create the qualified helmets, and committee to be the safety guard for all riders around the world.